Stilts IrelandAlthough we specialise in stilt walking workshops we also offer a complete range of carnival art workshops that create the opportunity to develop the skills of participants. While gaining greater awareness of the process of stilt walking, face painting, or mask and prop making, the participants also develop awareness of the environment in which their art is designed. We understand that ability will vary we aim to create an environment where participants learn to value the learning process, learn from each other and creatively challenge themselves. Participants are taught principles with which they can develop their own ideas.

The collective experience and talent of the artists make for a truly talented creative team that offer our you the assurance of a quality service, to give your community the attention they deserve.

We have worked with many youth and community groups over many years, including European exchange programs. Bespoke programing are at the centre of our approach to your group’s needs. We tailor our services to suit your objectives, audiences and budget.

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Stilt walking workshops – develop confidence through the learning of a challenging new skill in a safe environment with one of Ireland’s most experienced stilt walking teachers.


Face Painting workshops – if it’s your first attempt or if you want to further develop your skills, you will learn with a highly accomplished artists, who will help develop your own unique style.

Costume, mask, prop or puppet making workshops – Learn a wide range of carnival skills with our artists, who have a great variety of tested techniques to suit all ages and abilities.

Group Movement – this workshop is an introduction to creative movement exploring space, body, dynamics and relationships, to develop creative thinking and imagination in processional movement.

If would like to learn more about how we could work together please feel free to contact us.

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