Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn to walk on stilt?

It is possible to teach yourself stilts and there are websites and videos that try to teach you. However we recommend that you always learn through a qualified instructor, ass not only is it much safer, you will learn faster and benefit from our thirteen years of experience.

Is it hard to walk on stilts?

No, it is not very difficult, you done the hard bit years ago when you learned to walk as I child. We primarily teach you the basic principles that defy gravity from making you fall, but most importantly we help you deal effectively with the fear of doing it, which can be biggest obstacle.

How long will it take?

Ability will vary, but we are confident we will have you taking your first steps on your own within the lesson, and have mastered it within three lessons. This time line is extended to five or six lesson if we work with a group.

Can anyone learn?

Yep, as long as you can walk unassisted to the class we will help you achieve the rest.

What’s the most dangerous part?

The most obvious danger in falling off stilts incorrectly. We will teach you techniques of how to fall and get yourself back up again as part of the classes.

Can I learn on my own?

Yes, we hold individual or group classes

Can I bring a friend if I am doing the class. If they do not want to do the class?

Of course, if you are doing an individual class you are welcome to bring a friend to watch or reassure you. They may also be helpful to you as a spotter when you try stilts on your own at a later stage.

What is a spotter, and why do we need one?

A spotter is a person who walks with you while you are learning. You do not need one during our class as we provide that help, but it is advised if you are trying to practice alone after.

How many people can you work with in a group?

This will vary according to the groups profile but normally one teacher will not work with any more than five people in one class. Please contact us to discuss this further.

What kind of stilts do we use?

We teach our classes on Wooden Peg Stilts. We find these the most challenging and best fun.

What happens if I fall?

We will teach you as part of our class how to fall with least impact to your body on bones. If you have decided to teach yourself, please do always get advice or direction from a professional.

What do I need to wear or bring if I am doing a class?

We will provide all equipment necessary but you do need to arrive in trousers. Jeans or tracksuits work best. We cannot teach you if you wear shirts, dresses or shorts as we tape the stilts to your legs.

At what age can I do the class?

We have taught from the age of eight to filthy six, so any age within the age bracken I suppose. However due to child protection reasons we do not teach minors outside a youth group environment unless the parents /guardians are with them.

Can I do an individual class?

Yes, some people prefer to learn alone. The benefit of this is that you will learn much aster as we can work with you more concentrated. The down side of this will be it will be a bit more expensive for you.

What if I am under 18, how can I learn?

Due to child protection reasons we do not teach minors outside a youth group environment unless the parents /guardians are with them. May we suggest you search for a community circus near you.

Where will classes be held?

Group classes will be held in the youth centres , schools or place where your group meets. Individual classes can be worked out over the phone. We like to leach the first class in somewhere a bit quitter, but the subsequent classes are though outside and in public areas to familiarise you with the environment you will use the stilts. Individual classes can only be held in Dublin area.

Do you provide all equipment?

Yes we will provide all the equipment you need.

Do you sell stilts to us after?

No we do not sell and circus equipment, but we can point you in the right direction if you need help.

Where can I get a stilt costume?

We do offer a service where we can create a bespoke costume to suit your ideas and stilt size. A cost can only be determined when we see what it is that you would like to be created.

What height are the stilts we learn on?

We normally start on two foot stilt and can progress up in size if you feel the need.

What is the highest stilts we can learn on?

The highest we have ever used in our classes is six foot. This is really not suitable for most people but we can train on that height if a person proves they are capable on other heights leading up to six foot.

How much do classes cost?

We have an hourly rate, but this varies with how many people we need to work with, how much equipment we need, or how far we have to travel. Feel free to get in contact and we wil provide a quote subject to availability.

Safety and disclaimer

We do teach in a very safe and fun way, however there is some risk associated with learning to walk on stilts. These risks are equivalent to maybe falling of a wall of similar height. For this reason we get you or a guardian to fill a disclaimer prior to classes beginning. We work to a high standard of safety but it is a risk based learning.