Stilt walking classes in Dublin ireland


Have you ever wanted to learn to walk on stilts, or work with a group who do? Whether you’re an absolute beginner who is interested in learning or just want to have a bit of fun, or are you considering adding stilt walking as an additional skill to your professional performance career, Look no further.

Whatever the reason, I can assure you that I can provide all the training you need in a safe professional environment, in a fun and exciting workshop.


If you’re working with a youth group, stilt walking workshops are a great way to help them develop balance, confidence, self-esteem, while risk taking they build trust in a very interactive activity, while at the same time have a lot of fun.

Stilt walking workshops Irealnd

I have been teaching stilts for thirteen years and have successfully helped thousands of people young and old how to walk on stilts. Please contact me if you want to discuss how we may work together.